Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostat

Welcome to the future, everyone. We don’t have the hover boards or flying cars for you — just yet — but you can control your home temperature with your phone.

When you equip your home with a smart, Wi-Fi controlled thermostat, you can use your phone to adjust the temperature from anywhere in the world. From your office in the middle of the day or hundreds of miles away on vacation, you have complete control as long as you have your phone (and speaking honestly, who goes anywhere without that?)

In the past few years, we’ve seen a circus of truly USELESS Wi-Fi inventions like Wi-Fi wine corks and Wi-Fi enabled t-shirts!

Finally, we have a great one that actually improves your life.

We’re going to break down the innovation, the advantages, and the possibility for savings.

Let’s dig in.

Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostats: The Basics

Wi-Fi thermostats function by syncing to your home’s wireless internet. With that in place, you have the ability to control your home’s temperature using your phone, tablet, or computer— anything that can download the app.

With the ease of checking your Facebook, you can control the temperature in your house, room by room.

wi-fi controlled thermostat

The perks don’t end there. A Wi-Fi controlled thermostat can teach you more about your energy use than months of studying the utility bill ever could. These modern thermostats records and report on how it long it takes your house to reach the desired temperatures, when you use the most energy, and so much more.

Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostats: Ideal Scenario

You wake up in the morning to a toasty warm house. Sitting in the car, before you leave for work, you drop the temperature to an energy-saving low temperature.

At work, you get a call that your spouse needs to stop home for a few minutes in the middle of the day. So you pull out your phone and warm the house up before they get there.

After they head out again, in seconds, you can give the command to drop the temperature again.

Finally when you leave in the evening, you can ensure the house is the exact temperature you prefer by the time you arrive.

Your system can even alert you as to when your system drops below a certain degree.

Pretty futuristic, no? Someone get Ray Bradbury on the phone, ASAP.

An Intelligent System

You know that with a Wi-Fi controlled thermostat you can control your home’s temperature every minute of the day or night.

But what if you don’t want to?

Then, the intelligent system takes over. By answering a few simple questions about you and your family’s habits, the Wi-Fi thermostat can customize and enact an energy saving plan.

Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostats vs non-Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostats

Which of these do you have in your home?

Before Wi-Fi thermostats, homeowners had two choices to regulate their home temperature:

Analog Thermostat

upgrade an old thermostat to a wi-fi controlled thermostat

Just a basic physical display and dial, an analog thermostat requires you to move the dial to change the temperature at all. There are no built-in programmable features or additions. Don’t knock it too much, though. This basic thermostat did its job for decades. Although in contrast to Wi-Fi thermostats, we agree that it seems to have more in common with an egg timer. Goes without saying but these thermostats didn’t provide much in the way of savings.

Digital Thermostat

upgrade this thermostat to a wi-fi controlled thermostat

When they were new, digital thermostats represented a step forward — as far as savings and tech are concerned. Now, digital thermostats have been outclassed in every facet by Wi-Fi thermostats. You could use the digital keypad to select change the heating schedule to limit excess energy use. However, all input needs to happen on the touch screen itself—no tablet, no laptop, no smart phone.

We agree, it’s too nineties for us too.

Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostat Savings?

You love the how futuristic it feels to warm your home up on the commute home.

Of course you appreciate 24/7 home comfort and not having to get up if you want to fire up the AC.

But you also need to hear the details on the savings.

While it differs from region to region, homeowners in states like Delaware, with both hot summers and frigid winters, see the most savings. The average estimate is anywhere from 10-20% savings every month.

For most homeowners that savings pays for the system and installation within the first two years. From year three onward, it’s all savings going into your pocket.


Do you care most about emulating a George Jetson lifestyle?

Or does the allure of the convenience OR the savings of make you want a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

However you answer, you’re right on the money.

When you decide the future is now, bring out the HVAC experts you’ve trusted for years.

Contact us to discuss installing a Wi-Fi Thermostat in your home today!

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