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We Are Still Calvert Comfort!

Our 28th Year!

Chris Lenhard formed Calvert Mechanical Systems as a Delaware corporation in 1991. The company was named in honor of Chris’ paternal grandfather, Vance Calvert. To make it easier for consumers to understand our business model, we marketed our business as Calvert Heating and Cooling and we have recently become a part of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning so that we can bring even more value to our customers.

The Owners

Chris Lenhard and David Murray are 50/50 owners of the company. David Murray learned his trade and became a Master Mechanic at Kelly Heating and Cooling, installing and replacing everything from 50-ton commercial rooftop units to tiny 40,000 BTU gas furnaces in the row homes of Wilmington. Chris Lenhard learned his trade and became a Master Service Technician at a local refrigeration company that serviced everything from simple residential oil burners to the most complicated of cascade freezers. The intensive and diverse skills learned as apprentices and then executed as journeymen have served Dave, Chris, Calvert and our customers well. Knowing how the big picture works allows us to understand and prevent problems in the small scale found in residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Our Business Philosophy

We want to operate a great business that provides outstanding service, and a fair profit in return. We won’t be the guys that cut corners or say one thing but mean another – instead we are the other guys that do it right, put it in writing, and let you know your complete cost – upfront.

Our People

We have approximately 40 people in the office and field. We think we’re pretty good judges of character, but because we may be working in your home, we’re not taking a chance. We run everyone through a Sue Weaver C.A.U.S.E. background checking system. This occurs at pre-employment and then annually thereafter. Because drugs are so prevalent in our society, again we don’t take a chance. Every 3 months we randomly test 25% of our co-workers for drug use. It may sound negative, but we’re the only heating/cooling company we know that’s doing it. It has prevented many technically qualified, but otherwise sketchy people, from entering our customers’ homes.

Ongoing Training

Our technicians spend at least 3 hours a week in technically training. Three hours may not sound like a lot, but the other guys spend no time training. Heating and air conditioning is a technically challenging industry, because it requires proficiency in oil and gas combustion, a thorough understanding of electricity, principles of refrigeration, government codes, EPA regulations, and perhaps the toughest — customer service skills.

Community Involvement

  • We created and partner with local area Brew Ha Ha! stores for the annual Coat Drive that benefits the Ministry of Caring in Wilmington, held in the Fall.
  • We are supporters of the A.I DuPont Children’s Hospital as well as the Children’s Miracle Network.
  • We are the major corporate sponsor for the Newark National Little League – 3-time Delaware Champs and participants in the 2013 Little League World Series tournament.
  • We regularly participate in local charitable efforts with organizations such as The Salvation Army, Little Sisters of the Poor, Delaware Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Legend Foundation, American Diabetes Association and Boys and Girls Club of Delaware.